Kool chica in London aka tongue in cheek fan bragging

Time to break the silence on this site with the breaking news. Yours truly has been skating with Tony Alva! Yes, OMG OMG OMG. Breathing in, and sharing  pics with you of Crazy Skate Lady’s week in London.

(Of course, when something actually is happening, my phone memory was full, and was not able to take much pictures.)

For at once, I was in a right place at the right time. My hopes having a quiet morning skate session at ‘Brixton Beach’ turned out to be a session to remember, as when arrived to Stockwell, there was a skate legend Tony Alva himself.  So, not only have I been pictured with Mr Alva, I’ve been skating with him – or at least this is how I like to see that session 😀


Tony Alva and me at Stockwell skate park 21.11.2017




Captured from skateboardmuseum’s Insta. Have a look on a next pic…


Tony Alva called me Kool chica. I am seriously considering to take that to be my official name 😉

Tony Alva turned 60 earlier this autumn. To celebrate his birthday, and to showcase Alvas new skate film made with the filmmaker Mayol (Alex Baret), House of Vans threw a private party for London skaters and Vans Europe professional skaters. I was a lucky one to get my name on the guest list, thanks to Jürgen / Skateboard museum, who were skating with Alva on that Tuesday morning at Stockwell. What an amazing evening it was, especially for a skateboard newbie like myself. And the best bit of it all: Alva came to greet me with a hug, and we shared a few words about ‘our session’ on the other day. I must add I was very nervous and kind of lost my words. Before meeting Alva I only thought Skid Row or Nirvana is something that could make me shaky.


With a shaky hands asked an autograph for this board I got
House of Vans London
Nimetön 2
Alva’s Q&A



Here’s a link to Sidewalk Skatemagazine’s interview of Alva and notions of a younger skater about the evening:



Taking the tongue out of cheek, meeting such a legend really gave motivation to keep continuing my attempts on a skateboard. It is not about the age or skills, it is all about having a good time. And those moments skateboarding has already given me plenty.


A few other pics from my stay in London:

It wasn’t skateboarding that took me to London, but this furry Londoner needing a cat-sitter
Tero Juuti tattooed my knuckles for his Tattoo Dictionary project (it is ball point pen ink)








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