Hello fear my old friend, I’ve come to talk about that again

Pretty active skateboarding week behind. Still struggling with fear issues. A week ago, on Friday night had a very nice skate session in a small pool near to where I live. It is a bit too difficult for my skills, but I still did quite well.  I started this week going there on Monday evening, but it just didn’t feel good – and left the place pretty soon.

On Tuesday evening dude and I drove to Antwerpen to my ‘comfort zone’ skatepark Antwerpen Spoor Noord. Again, it just didn’t feel good. Felt nervous, and needed a lot of courage even in my comfort zone small bowl, that I usually enjoy riding. Didn’t even feel going to bigger bowl, even thought been pretty okay there some other times. Dude suggested some other park that was new for me, and luckily we went there. First, it was a struggle, and didn’t feel comfortable, but bit by bit felt better, and it in the end it was okay, and could have stayed longer, but it was too late. (This usually happens, it takes time to warm up, but then I am reluctant to leave and go on loooong.)

I decided will not give up nor let the less-nice sessions to get on my way. Thought to have a change for my routines – which has mostly been riding on the corners in a bowl / pool – by focusing on other stuff: mostly on kick-turns, pushing & balance, as well as being more comfortable with speed. There’s a nice not too steep hill near Antwerpen Noord park, and have now couple of times tried down hill there. This Monday too. Still too scared to go all the way down. I know I can, it is  just that old friend fear kicking in, and preventing the full ride. I’ll promise by the end of the summer, I will ride that hill down like a pro!

Twice this week I started my days going on a mini ramp to work on kick-turns. I went back and forth pretty high and turned okay on the low part of the ramp. Still a lot of work to do with kick-turns and pump the speed up –  and of course to have courage to ‘swing’ higher and faster.

(here’s a clip for this week’s morning session https://wordpress.com/post/crazyskatelady.com/456)

By the end of the week, the weather got wet again, so there were couple of days no skateboarding. I was still busy on my free time with it by creating own Facebook page for Crazy Skate Lady (please like and follow me on Facebook too!) and watching some skate videos. On Monday I already sworn I will stop watching them all together, as my skating doesn’t relate to any of them, and makes me just more annoyed by how crap I am. Yes I know, not mature attitude. I am sure though all of you who skateboard, do know that frustrating feeling when you just want to throw your board as far as you can…for Finnish readers I can say it feels like wanting to put the board ‘tuhannen p*****n päreiksi’… Anyway, there were a skate video that did motivate me. Look here how this 40 years old beginner have learned to nail many tricks by training hard:


That video made me want to try ollie. Something I have not really done before, expect of some odd tries once in a while. I think last time was last summer.

So this morning (Sunday) I woke up thinking of ollies. Dude too wanted to skate, and despite of drizzling rain, we tried to find a dry spot to skate. First try was a mini ramp on Vilvoorde under the bridge. It was damp. I learned now first time in practise what it means when surface is wet: dude fell and I slipped, so it was time to continue the hunt of the dry spot. I must say before slipping, I did pretty okay kick-turns, so something is happening – and I am motivated to practice to get better with that.

We didn’t have luck with a car park, where we managed to skate few weeks ago, when the weather was wet. It was full of cars today.

Finally, on the way back home there was a dry spot under some bridge. Rough surface with pebbles and garbage, still possible to do something. And I did: ollies! Few of them were like almost okay 🙂  Dude was holding hands, and balance sucks – still did something new. In your face, fear!

You must believe my words with the ollies. For some reason, the camera didn’t work. As they say: you can’t have everything.

The video above is filmed on mid February when I am first time on new cat board. Feeling good and comfy on that day.

Below Skatepark Stadspark after I had started to warm up – finally. (warning includes not happy being filmed comments 😀 )


And here some tic tac attempts from couple of weeks ago on rainy day in car park.

The first Friday of March


Whilst was busy with this, there was a conversation going on.

” Is that your wife?”

“No, my girlfriend.”

“She is quite good for a beginner of her age.”


Crazy Skate Lady is on Vimeo now. Stay tooned – skateboarding videos like you never seen before 😀

I will probably publish some older videos too. To show where my skills are, and for helping to see the development.

Screaming and skateboarding

Weather in last week, as well as the weather forecast for this upcoming week, has not allowed skateboarding, neither have I had a chance to go to any indoor skate park.

Whilst waiting weather to be more suitable for skateboarding, and to have fresh skate stories to tell, here’s one I published about one month ago on my Facebook wall:

“There has been a couple of months break since I’ve been in one of my favourite skateboarding spots (Antwerpen Park Spoor Noord). It all started well. I was able to do all I had learned to do there. Even better, was faster in corners than ever before. All was perfect until  I needed to do a pee (I do not want to give too much information, just saying there’s toilet facilities for boys, but not for girls). After a break I tried another corner, which I have tried before, not very well, but at least somehow. Now I couldn’t do nothing there, it felt too scary.

Unfortunately, that fear stayed with me. I was not able to do what I had done 10 minutes before thinking :”Superfun, this is my favourite place in Belgium.” I was too scared to go down from the bank. Some primary fear hit the brains again and again, forcing me to jump off from the board. I felt like crying, was p****d off, felt like a looser whilst slowly pushing on flat outside of the bowl. Finally sisu (a Finnish term meaning something like stamina. You should google it, veru useful when skateboarding) grew big enough,  and I went back to the smaller bowl, which is in my comfort zone – if that’s a term I can use about me and skateboarding. All went well there, and got courage to go back to the scary bank where the fear had hit me.  And it still did; the primary fear just came back immediately when speed got faster and I jumped off. Untill I discoverd: when fear hits, instead of jumping off from the board, I will scream. After a while screaming and skating, the fear went off, and all was fine again.

Now being safely in my bed,  I am thinking why am I, who has always been a wuss & scared of everything in my 40’s, still want to skateboard…

It is good to face your fear and even better to win it. Tomorrow again if weather allows.”


Some days after the above text was published enjoying much less scary wooden bowl.




Transformation of Chris Cole Zero P2 to be Crazy Skate Lady’s dream drive

After hard work of removing the old griptape…
…to make space for this.
It all started with these trucks…
…and here I am ready to have a first ride on my ‘over the top cat board’ in Antwerpen Skatepark Park Spoor Noord.

I got my first skateboard when was totally new in skateboarding.  I just walked into to the skateshop in Paris where was staying at the time and explained I would like to buy  a board. My first try of skateboarding took place in Helsinki, Finland (that’s where I come from)  with the board that was nicknamed as a ‘shopping bag’ of the skateboarder who owned it, cause it had soft wide wheels, and was meant more for cruising  (or going to grocery shop) than for doing tricks. As a beginner that felt safer for me than a ‘proper’ skateboard, so in skateshop I explained, I’d like to have a skateboard with cruiser set-up, and that’s what I got. You can see it in my header image – the Girl-board with Skid Row sticker.

Of course I fell love with it, because I fell in love with skateboarding. Soft wheels indeed made me feel safer whilst doing my first skate attempts on my own at a parking lot near of my flat in Brussels (that’s where I moved and at the moment am). The minus side of those wheels is that they don’t encourage me to learn to push or pump speed, as they wheel so easily anyway. I am also convinced I would learn better to do kick-turns and other things with the harder wheels, but I am aware that is just an excuse 🙂

No space for those excuses anymore, as you saw already: I have a lovely unique cat skateboard now. It started when I got kitten trucks (I wanted to have them for long!) as a present. Then the dude, who’s anyway helping me a LOT with skating (heh you didn’t think it was me doing the hard work of getting rid of the old griptape), gave one of his old boards, as well as wheels, to get pimped (as cheaply as possible) to be my new board. The board is (well, was) very masculine Chris Cole Zero P2 board with pic of gun and blood and something stupid – if you’ll ask me. After sandpapering, spraycanning, getting and gluing some stickers & griptape on it, I got the perfect board for me. So terrible it is terrific!

I made a first try with it on the other evening and despite of my fear of ‘it will take ages to learn to skate with different board’, it went well. I do need to adapt to it, as it always is with new things, but I already was more aware of how to use my body – that I need to use it more to get things done. Skateboarding definitely isn’t just wheels taking you somewhere.

And yes skateboarding also is not about the graphics on your board. Still I am sure it psychologically helps to have a board that just generally makes you feel good. It’s good to be silly.