From quiet to lively

I was quiet on these pages for a long time – which seems to be a statement I’ve started these posts.

I still have been skateboarding. Those attempts occasionally end up to my Instagram account with the same name than this blog. As we live in times of pandemic and curfews and lockdowns – and in that part of Europe – where winters are wet, I have not been skating as much as I would like to. Some times ago, I could not have believed, when it comes to skateboarding, I will miss Finnish winter. Before covid hit the world, I was in Helsinki, skating a couple of times a week in Kontula indoor skate park. On this winter in Belgium, it’s been only about twice a month when I’ve been able to skate. Between Finland and Belgium, was summer 2020. The most part of it, I spent it in France, mostly in Paris and in it’s suburbs. When there, had some weeks of regular morning skate sessions at Skatepark des Fougères. I also got familiar with a fab girl skate association Realaxe Association and their weekly sessions in a bowl skater’s heaven Espace Glisse de Paris 18. Another bowl skating heaven was a Cosa Nostra skate park in Chelles, just a little bit outside of Paris. As part of my Paris time were cat sitting in Maisons-Alfort, that area’s skate park was also one of my regulars. Paris was a lonely ride, if the cat company is not counted. I did also a city trip to Germany with my partner on the last (very hot) days of July. Lovely times, and I surely miss the sweaty skate session we had at North Brigade.

Whilst talking about summer 2020, I must mention also one long time dream which became true. Did my first attempts on a surf board. Fell in love in a same way than to skateboarding when tried that first time. First times were on family holiday in Soulac-sur-Mer. Teaching was more holiday fun than focusing on technique. Had one ‘proper’ lession in The Hague, Holland, before covid restrictions tightened again.

Other than that, it’s been pretty quiet times, and not only on these pages.

So quiet that I got sick of that. So I decided to change a bit of a direction of this blog. I will still post here skateboard related stories and pics. But will also post some sort of diary of my journey towards my dream: a driving license and own car/van, which takes me to the road, hopefully mostly for skateboarding and surfing. And perhaps to post also some others issues that interests me. Language might be changing between English and Finnish, which can be annoying for English speakers, apologies for that. I will do this language change because I also wish this blog to serve me as a platform in which I can keep my writing going.

Let’s see what will happen. I hope you’ll stay on board with me 🙂

For more professional related posts and updates, are published on my artist webpage:

And if you want to read about my activities on first lock down on spring 2020, here’s a link (in Finnish):

Skate cat at Cosa Nostra skate park
Cosa Nostra Skate Park outdoors
Skatepark des Fougères
Skatepark des Fougères
North Brigade, Cologne
SO HOT, North Brigade
Surf lesson at Tasha’s Surfcamp in Scheveningen, Holland

Long time no see, London Diary Part 1


Long time, no see.. Actually, so long time that I need to  skip one year when changed my age on a profile description…

Of course, a lot has happened during the silence on this site, including skateboarding. I am afraid the progress has not been that massive. A few weeks ago someone asked if I I have just started to skate… Well, I don’t mind how it looks like, the point is how it feels, and how it makes me feel.

I decided to re-active this site for various reasons. To be involved with skateboarding even in those moments when not skating myself, to keep up the habit of writing, to keep up writing in English, to be active – and hopefully also to motivate someone who might be hesitating to jump up on a skateboard: if I can do it, so can you 🙂

This first burst of posts will be a diary of my current  Easter break visit in London. It is also long time no see for this this city. Last time was early summer 2018, when took part of the first ever academic skateboarding conference Pushing Boarders at the Bartlett School of Architecture and House of Vans, London. You can read about it and follow all talks from here:

This time I came to London as my old cat friend Rollo needed a company over the holidays, so me, my skateboard and sport clothes arrived here on Friday afternoon.

Via Instagram I saw the Keep Pushing Podcast was having their beginners session at the Meanwhile skate park in North London. So there I went.

Keep Pushing Podcast is a community around 40 skaters, led by Rae Smith. Keep Pushing Podcast promotes diversity in the skateboarding community. Activities include for example Youtube channel , weekly skate sessions open for anyone. They welcomed me very warmly even all were busy with their drop-in attempts. Me shy as I can be in a new place and company stayed on low part of the bowl practising kick-turns and just adjusting my body back to London. The whole atmosphere in Meanwhile was fab, everyone supporting each others, including the good skaters giving space to newbies. After I left, was thinking I wish I would have skated back then when was living in London, as then my love-hate relationship with this mad massive city would have been more on the love-side.

Ready to go. Alongside skating will attend somatic dance lessons over here, will write about that too.


New skate friends at Meanwhile skateparks.